When to Replace Your Walk-In Bath

If you’ve been having difficulty getting in and out of the tub or moving from a sitting position to being upright again when your bath is done, maybe you’ve considered a walk-in tub. These can be a great option for those with mobility issues, whatever the cause may be, and they might mean the difference […]

Bathroom Design Trends of 2020

Whether you’re designing a bathroom for a new house, repairing a bathroom whose fixtures have failed, or remodeling an old or crowded design, there are some very cool things happening with bathroom design in 2020.  Bathrooms aren’t quite like other rooms in the house, which you might elect to paint yourself and appoint with furniture. […]

Selecting the Best Accessories for Your Bathroom

When remodeling a bathroom, it’s important to think about larger fixtures like vanities, sinks, tubs, showers and toilets, but accessories are just as important and in some ways even more of an eye catcher. The market is saturated with accessories of all types, shapes and sizes. It can be confusing, not to mention expensive, to […]

All About LuxStone

LuxStone by Kohler is an exciting development in shower wall design. It offers low porosity, low maintenance, high durability, and easy installation at a much more affordable cost than tile or granite. Home Forever Baths is proud to be an authorized dealer of Luxstone and other high-quality, attractive Kohler products in Northern Illinois. Issues with […]

Tips for a Tub to Shower Conversion

If you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, great! The quality and functionality of bathroom fixtures and accessories on the market today has never been better, so it’s a great time to realize your vision of an ideal bathroom to suit your needs. If you’ve got a rarely-used tub you want to convert into a shower, […]

What to Expect with a Shower Replacement

Over the past decades, there have been some pretty exciting developments in bathroom design. If your bathroom was designed in the previous millennium, you might be shocked at what can be done to enhance its beauty, sense of space, and functionality.  At Home Forever Baths, we offer the spectacular line of hardware and fixtures from […]

Inspiration for a Minimalist Bathroom

For those seeking a home full of calm and order, opting for a minimalist aesthetic can give your  spaces an open, timeless feel. Minimalist style focuses on pared-down designs with an emphasis on neutral tones and natural materials. What are the keys to bringing a minimalist look to your bathroom?  Here are a few tips […]

Benefits of a Walk-in Tub

When it comes to bathing experiences, everyone has different needs. For some, those needs far outweigh what they can do for themselves. Installing walk-in bathtubs can make bathing more accessible for people of all ages.    Walk-in bathtubs add stability, providing more independence for seniors, people with disabilities, and kids, when bathing. There are many great […]