All about Bath Accessories

In our younger years, we shopped for bathroom items with a focus on function. Our needs were met with a plastic shower curtain or any old trash bin. But as we grow older, our tastes become more sophisticated. We know that just because a bathroom product is practical doesn’t mean our overall style has to […]

7 Ideas for Bathtub Surrounds You’ll Love

If your bathtub looks boring by itself, you may want to consider adding a tub surround. Check out these 7 awesome ideas for bathtub surrounds. Bathtub surrounds are the walls that surround your bathtub and protect your home’s walls. The surround is what keeps the moisture from reaching parts of your home outside of the bathtub’s […]

7 Tips for Bathtub Replacement in Northern Illinois

Is it time to retire your old bathtub? Before you buy a new tub, be sure to know your options. Read on for the best bathtub replacement tips for Northern Illinois homeowners. Believe it or not, about 38 percent of people in the United States soak in their bathtubs at least once a week. If you’re one […]

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Wall Tiles

Did you know that American homeowners spend more than $300 billion each year on home renovations? Unfortunately, some of that money ends up buying frustration. With so many options for materials, styles, colors, and design, it can be difficult to create a space that looks welcoming. Sometimes, having too many options means that homeowners attempt […]

Bathroom Remodeling for Veterans

Thank you for your service! We care a lot about those who have served in our armed forces because we know where our freedom comes from. That’s why we love to handle bathroom remodeling for veterans. We know how difficult it can be to deal with mobility issues, which is a problem facing many of […]

The Big Loo Blues: 7 Disastrous Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Renovating your bathroom can be a great way to add value to your home. But there are also opportunities for bathroom remodeling mistakes, which can create huge headaches.  Your bathroom might be the smallest room of the house but it’s also one of the most frequently used. This makes accurate design and forward planning essential […]

Shower in Style: Choosing the Right Shower for Your Bath

Did you know that Americans spend upwards of $400 billion each year on home improvement?  Fortunately, you can revitalize the decor in your home and make it feel more welcoming and luxurious with one of the most affordable remodeling projects out there — a shower makeover. Choosing the right shower doesn’t have to be difficult. […]

Baths That Don’t Break the Bank— Remodeling a Bathroom on a Budget

A bathroom remodel costs $10,387 on average. A low-end remodel typically comes in between $3,500 and $7,000. Some homeowners spend over $25,000. While it’s important to pay for quality, it’s also wise to stick to a reasonable budget and avoid overspending. When you’re remodeling a bathroom on a budget, you may need to get creative […]