Shower Wall Options: Comparing Types of Shower Wall Materials

When you’re modernizing your bathroom, deciding on the exact way to update your shower to may seem like a difficult decision. Part of that decision is choosing what type of materials to use for your shower walls. But don’t stress! There are many great shower wall options to choose from. Here are a few top […]

Style That Lasts—Keeping with Trends in Bathroom Design

When you decide to update your bathroom, you want it to look great for years. Keeping it trendy will in turn help the rest of your house look modern, and help preserve its resale value. Here are a few tips on how to keep up with trends in bathroom design. Keep Long-Term Use in Mind […]

New, Beautiful Bathrooms on a Budget for Your Home

Ready beautify your bathroom, but not sure about how to afford it? Luckily, you don’t have to settle for the outdated bathroom that you have.Large, expensive upgrades don’t have to be your only option. Here are a few ways to get beautiful bathrooms on a budget.  Tile Makeover This option may be the most expensive […]

The Best Ways to Research Bath Remodeling Companies for Your Home

Sometimes what was once great is no longer good enough. Your bathroom may need a remodel for an upgraded, modern look or to accommodate for someone in your home with mobility issues. Whatever your needs may be, finding the right company to do the job is the most important first step in your bathroom remodel […]

Five Rock Solid Reasons to Remodel a Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t always mean that you just want a new look for the space. Perhaps you have more practical ideas in mind than a simple makeover as your reasons to remodel a bathroom. Whatever your reasoning is, however, if you fall into any of the following categories, you may want to consider a […]

Shower Door Buying Guide—How to Choose the Right Shower Doors

Luxurious rain shower head? Check. Shiny new subway tiles? Check. Marble top vanity? Check. Looks like you’re missing the shower doors! If you’re stalled by the argument between throwing a new shower curtain up vs. investing in new glass doors, we can help. Sure, you can find a variety of beautiful and even whimsical shower curtains. […]

Walk This Way—The Top Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

It is a well-known fact that walk-in bathtubs are essential for people with a wide range of health issues. This bathing solution allows people to bathe safely, preserving their independence. What are the benefits of a walk-in tub? Due to their ease of use, these tubs are popular and very valuable. They have special features […]

3 Methods for Improving Bathroom Safety and Accessibility

Whether you or a loved one have mobility problems due to a health issue or age, the bathroom can be a place where accident risk is high. Modern bathrooms aren’t always built with safety features in mind, so they can be scary to use, especially on your own. Fortunately, there are ways to fix that […]