2021 Bathroom Trends to Consider

In the year 2020, many of us changed the way we use our houses. Working from home has presented new challenges as well as opportunities, while the last few years saw the burgeoning trend of spa-ifying our bathrooms, focusing on self-care, and using them as an opportunity to take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the larger household. Who would have thought the two would meld together, as now every space in our homes has become that much more important.

Trends in bathroom design move slowly, and rightly so. While it’s not uncommon to repaint or redecorate other spaces in our homes on a regular basis, the complications introduced by plumbed fixtures mean that once we have our bathroom put together, we’re not excited to take it apart again just to keep up with the latest fashion. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel for 2021, take a look at some of the trends below and rest assured they’ll be in style for many years to come.

Floating Vanity

While a floating vanity always has a somewhat contemporary feel, their space-saving feature and ability to be mounted higher or lower on the wall to accommodate the height of those who will be primarily using the bathroom have helped them take off in recent years, and there are now more options than ever when selecting one for your bathroom. You can be sure to see a lot of them going into new bathrooms in 2021. Models are available ranging from complete sets with faucets included to modular pieces that can accommodate a variety of sinks and faucets. If you do go modular, just make sure the sink and vanity you select will work together, as not all depths of sink will fit in all vanities.

The more modular the piece you select, the more options you will have for configuring the space around it for more or less storage. Cabinets to match can be run up the wall alongside the vanity, or matched on other walls in the bathroom. The floating style allows more storage to be installed while still allowing the room to feel more open and airy than if the vanity extended all the way to the floor. Plus, it’s much easier to clean under them, and you always have the option of putting baskets underneath if you end up needing more storage space.

Larger Wall Tiles

Larger tiles make a bigger impact than mosaic, and have the added bonus of fewer grout lines to clean. They also pair better with natural stone or stone-patterned materials, like some of the popular choices available in Kohler’s LuxStone line of shower wall material.

Back-Lit Mirrors

Three out of four homeowners install new mirrors when remodeling the master bathroom, and most are now choosing back-lit models. Whether it’s a static mirror or a mirrored medicine cabinet, backlighting gives the mirror the impression of being set slightly off the wall, as well as providing a little extra illumination for completing our bathroom routines. Dimmable models can also double as night-lights, helping us safely find our way into the bathroom at night without consuming much electricity in the process.

Space-Saving Soaking Tubs

The last year has only increased our need for opportunities to relax around the house, and a smaller format bathtub is a great place to take some time for yourself. Rather than larger clawfoot tubs or shower-tub combos, homeowners are increasingly opting for larger showers and smaller tubs that, compared to traditional tubs, are deeper and shorter. Smaller tubs require less time to fill and less water, while still being just as useful as a traditional tub, and maybe moreso.

You might also consider a Kohler walk-in tub, which puts all the luxury of a spa into no more space than a shower takes up. With heating elements to keep you comfortable while the tub fills and the lowest entry thresholds in the industry, Kohler’s walk-in tubs are a great option, especially for those with limited mobility.

Home Forever Baths

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