5 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Safe

Statistics suggest the most dangerous location in the home may be the bathroom. In a 2011 study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2008, almost a quarter-million people injured themselves in the bathroom. Fortunately, the CDC remarked that while bathrooms are “associated with a high risk of injury,” they also suggested that taking specific steps can reduce that risk.With that in mind, read on to learn some tips on keeping you and your household safe. 

Safety in the bathtub

Make bath time safe for all with these accessories: 

Grab bars: Mount grab bars in positions that are easy to reach to support someone entering or leaving the shower or tub, helping them maintain their balance and stability. Bars attached to studs in the wall are preferable to suction cup bars, which can quickly move or dislodge. All grab bars should have a slip-resistant surface rather than a gloss finish. 

Tension pole: Use a tension rod if grab bars are not appropriate for your shower or bathtub. This fixture stretches from floor to ceiling. It provides something to hang on for support when getting in and out of the tub. 

Shower chair: In addition to providing support for those with balance problems, a shower chair helps those who have trouble standing for long periods to relax while bathing. Look for shower chairs whose legs are fitted with non-slip rubber tips.

Handheld showerhead: A shower head that you can keep in your hand makes bathing much more convenient. 

Preventing falls

Common-sense precautions may have a significant effect on safety when using the bathroom. Keep essential products within easy reach by using a bath or shower caddy, so bathers don’t have to go too far or get out of the tub to get what they need. 

Be sure to do daily cleanings! Mold and mildew make surfaces slippery, which can also lead to health hazards. Use non-slip mats in critical areas, such as the area you step out onto following a bath or shower.

Watch out for hot water

Many water heaters are set to 140 ° C, ensuring that fragile skin can scald in seconds. If the water heater is set to 120 degrees, the chance of scalding is minimized. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) recommends installing and maintaining an anti-scald valve for your tub and shower. 

Safety for children

Certain accessories are essential in the bathroom when you have small children running around:

Stepping stools: Invest in a solid chair and put it under the sink. It is even better if it is light enough for a small child to carry, as this means they can take it to the toilet. These stools should be easy to wash. They should have bright colors and rounded corners. 

Mats: Bath mats with rubber surfaces and suction cups may be useful since they give more grip when stepping to the tub. You can put them on the floor of the tub or shower.

Grab bars: These provide a frame of support that kids can hang on to if they fall. They can even help them get up in and out of the water. Adjustable ones are perfect because as the child grows, you can reposition them, fixing them to the right height.

Child-proofing: Children are curious, and they will start getting into stuff the moment you turn your back! Ensure that your bathroom is child-proofed to keep your kids safe.

Be mindful when using electrical devices

Water and electricity can be a deadly mix, and both of these are used every day in our bathrooms. Ensure that electric razors, hairdryers, and other appliances are unplugged from grounded outlets — especially those near sinks — when not in use. 

Keep a well-lit bathroom

With those midnight trips to the bathroom comes a significant accident risk. Wandering in the dark when half-sleep is a dangerous combination. Getting extra lighting in your bathroom or surrounding rooms, such as night light plug-ins, will help avoid falls and injury.

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