6 Environmentally-Friendly Bath Products

A bathroom should feel like a sanctuary: a place where we can perform our morning and evening routines with calm focus. While the importance of fixtures, accessories and decor cannot be overstressed, the products we use in our bathrooms should also help us to feel at ease. We may be used to employing plastic implements throughout our grooming routines, but there are environmentally-friendly alternatives that not only reduce the amount of waste we send out of our homes, but make the grooming process more enjoyable.

To that end, take a look at these 6 bathroom products that will help you limit your waste while also feeling your best.


1. Organic Cotton Towels

Whether we’ve just showered or simply washed our hands, organic cotton towels are not only good for the environment but good for the feel against our skin. Delilah Home produces plush, luxurious towels knitted from Turkish cotton that will make you wonder what you’ve been missing by using synthetic fabrics. Recent tests of Arctic ocean water showed traces of synthetic fabrics that have made their way into the environment from washing machines, so it may be important in the years to come to reduce the amount of synthetic fabrics we’re incorporating in our lives.

Delilah Home also gives a percentage of profits to multiple charity partners, so you know you’re helping out while helping yourself to some fantastic towels.


2. Shampoo and Conditioner in Bar Form

Switching to bars is a great way to reduce your amount of plastic waste from empty bottles. Every time you’re running low on something, replace it with a bar and pretty soon you’ll be in good shape. A number of companies make both shampoo and conditioner in bar form, with natural and organic ingredients. You might want to try out a few different products to see which fits your preferred scent and feel, but definitely take a look at EcoRoots. Their bars are package- and palm oil-free, as well as vegan.


3. Reusable Cotton Swabs

While the swab itself may be cotton, the sticks on swabs are made of either plastic or tightly-rolled paper. Add up the amount of those you use, multiply it by 330 million Americans, and you can see how cotton swabs present an environmental hazard.

The company LastSwab makes reusable silicone swabs that do the job of cotton swabs with far less waste. They say their swabs will last for up to 1,000 uses! The “basic” option resembles a typical cotton swab, while the “beauty” option has a smoother texture and a tapered point more suited to applying and fixing makeup. Each one comes in a case made with non-petroleum-derived plastic.


4. Home-Made Lotion

Lotion is one of the easier beauty products to make yourself. With a bit of shea butter, coconut oil, and any of a variety of other liquid oils, you can make your own lotion that you can adjust and tailor to suit your style. If you’re a fan of essential oils, you can also add a few drops of your preferred scent. Now you won’t have to worry about what unnecessary preservatives or cheap ingredients the manufacturer is using! Find a recipe for lotion here.


5. Metal Reusable Safety Razor

Disposable razors account for an awful lot of waste coming from our beauty routines. In the 1990s, the EPA published an estimate of 2 billion plastic shavers thrown out every year, just from the USA alone!

The solution is an old one: the safety razor. Invented around the turn of the 20th century, safety razors quickly became the shaving method of choice for men and women alike. Still available today, the typical safety razor incorporates a metal body and a disposable metal blade. EcoRoots offers one of outstanding quality, but you can find plenty of other brands offering similar devices.


6. Organic Shaving Soap Bar

To go along with your low-waste razor, try out a bar of EcoRoots’ Shaving Soap. Made with organic coconut oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter along with a brightly-scented blend of essential oils, it will have you saying goodbye to canned shaving cream forever. It comes in minimal plastic-free packaging, making it a win-win on quality and eco-friendliness.


Eco-Friendly Accessories with Home Forever Baths

As you can see, many aspects of our bathroom routines can be changed up for increased eco-friendliness and a better experience at the same time. If you’re in the process of improving your bathroom routine, don’t forget about your fixtures and accessories. There are eco-friendly showerheads and toilets that can save water while also helping you to have a more luxurious experience in your bathroom.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our professional installers are standing by to provide the last bathroom remodel you’ll ever need. We are the exclusive dealer of fine Kohler fixtures and accessories in Northern Illinois. Call the professionals at Home Forever Baths today for a free consultation about how to make your dream bathroom become a reality.

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