7 Ideas for Bathtub Surrounds You’ll Love

If your bathtub looks boring by itself, you may want to consider adding a tub surround. Check out these 7 awesome ideas for bathtub surrounds.

Bathtub surrounds are the walls that surround your bathtub and protect your home’s walls. The surround is what keeps the moisture from reaching parts of your home outside of the bathtub’s walls. Other than providing protection, bathtub surrounds also provide character to your bathroom.

A bathtub without a surround could be seen as boring and simple. Adding a surround to it will bring whatever design you’re looking for into your bathroom with only a few simple steps! Not sure what style would work best in your home?

Below, we’ve listed 9 of our favorite bathtub surround ideas that we think you’ll love. Are you ready to start drawing up the blueprints? Well, grab your pencil and a sheet of blank paper, because you’re going to want to jot these down.

Continue reading below to learn all about these 7 design ideas!

1. Get Creative with Sizes and Shapes

Don’t think that you have to stick with the same shape and size of tiles, stones, or other materials when creating your bathtub surround. Get creative and mix things up here and there. This is a great way to add personality to your bathroom.

You also don’t want to limit yourself to one single type of material or tile either. For example, you can use large tiles as the main surround material and then place in small square tiles to create an accent design within the large tiles. You can create any pattern with the smaller tiles that you desire such as one single row, or two rows that cross.

A great idea is to mix small bronze tiles with slate walls.

2. Let Nature Influence You

Another great idea is to let nature influence you on your bathtub surround design. All bathrooms look amazing with optimal amounts of natural light. This is where you’ll want to begin.

However, the natural light element is only the beginning. The real star of the show is going to be your bathtub surround made of stone and porcelain tiles. Use tiles made of real stones as the accent.

They bring an earthy feel to your bathroom and can be placed within your porcelain surround by having one vertical strip that goes up to the ceiling! To tie everything together, consider placing greenery on your bathroom countertops!

3. Spruce Up Subway Glass Tiles

As a homeowner, you’re most likely already aware that subway glass tiles are the most popular bathroom tile used. However, you want something that’s going to stand out from the boring and basic lifestyle. Spruce things up a bit by adding a contrasting row of more modern glass tiles.

This is a great way to really catch the eye. For example, if you use white subway glass tiles, you can pair them with a thin stripe of a smaller darker tone glass tile. Using black and white tones is the best way to create an Art Deco era theme.

4. Play with Mosaic Accents

If you have an all-white bathroom, then it’s time to play with some mosaic accents. Mosaic accents are another great addition to a bathtub surround. There are so many different patterns, tones, and styles to choose from, so your options are endless.

However, if you want to stay more towards the modern end of things, then you can consider using stone-blend mosaics or trendy glass mosaics. Create an accent pattern that works well in your bathtub surround, and you’ve got yourself a new elegant bathroom!

5. Have Fun with Your Patterns

Don’t forget to have fun with your patterns as well. When wanting to mix the patterns up, just be sure to stick with the same overall color theme. For example, the back wall of your bathtub surround can be made of large grey porcelain tiles with small horizontal stripes of smaller white tiles.

On the sides of your bathtub surround, consider using larger white stripes going either vertical or horizontal between the grey porcelain tiles. You can really mix the patterns up as much as you’d like to. As long as you’re using the same materials when doing so, it’ll all tie into one another.

6. Include Built-In Shelving and Counter Tops

When thinking of a bathtub surround, you may not consider a surround having countertops or shelving. However, adding these features into your bathtub surround is a great way to add convenience to your bathtub. Imagine having the countertop space you need for bathtub supplies and the shelving units desired for holding towels, washcloths, and more!

Consider using the same material for your surround as you have on your bathroom countertops. For example, if you have granite countertops, then use the same granite to create your bathtub surrounds countertop. This keeps everything within your bathroom in sync.

7. Transition to Elegance with Italian Tiles

If you really want to transform your bathtub, then you can make a transition to elegance by using Italian tiles. Use single rows of large Italian tiles to create stairs leading up into your drop-in soak tub. You can then take these tiles all the way around your bathtub to create the bathtub surround.

Don’t worry about going all the way up to the ceiling with this one either. With an elegant design as this one, you won’t want to go more than about 12 inches up the wall from where the bathtub is.

Which Bathtub Surrounds Caught Your Attention?

After reading through these amazing design ideas for bathtub surrounds, which ones grabbed your attention the most? Do you have a favorite design that you’re ready to incorporate into your own bathroom?

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