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In our younger years, we shopped for bathroom items with a focus on function. Our needs were met with a plastic shower curtain or any old trash bin. But as we grow older, our tastes become more sophisticated. We know that just because a bathroom product is practical doesn’t mean our overall style has to be compromised. Any bathroom necessity — from textiles to storage solutions — can complement your overall design aesthetic.

Although your bathroom may not be the first place to show your flair for interior design, your bathroom is a commonly-used place worthy of attention.

Add finishing touches to your bathroom with accessories that add comfort and style. These accessories can be mixed or combined to help you complete the look of your room. From shelves to showerheads, add convenience, and that personal touch to your bathroom.


In any bathroom overhaul, the faucets are always the jewels in the crown. Available in a stunning range of shapes and finishes. Our modern bathroom faucets provide homeowners with every convenience with a range of interactivity and water conservation options.

There are many things to consider before choosing a faucet, like whether you are using an existing sink or a new one, such as where the opening is. You will also have to decide what features you like and how much faucet does your budget permit. Additional considerations include the size and typical faucets of the other areas of your house.


Tired of a shower that creates a sprinkling rather than a revitalizing stream? Get a new showerhead. The best models have high flow and constant temperature, and some have customizable configurations for spray patterns, from a gentle stream to a powerful jet of water.

Here are some showerheads to consider.

Multi-setting: These showerheads allow you to adapt the flow pattern to 12 settings, including mist, massage, pulsing, wide and narrow stream, and a water-saving option.

Single-setting: These basic showers have only one configuration, as their name implies. They are much less expensive than multi-setting ones.

Shower towers: Some multi-head models offer a spa-like experience and include a fixed or hand-held showerhead (or both) and several other body jets, all mounted on a vertical strip.

Rain showers: With their large head and simple spray pattern, these promise a smooth, relaxing flow akin to raindrops falling on your head.


Bathroom cabinets & shelving provide a convenient and stylish way of keeping toiletries, tissue paper rolls, and many more hidden items. If your bathroom is chaotic instead of organized, it doesn’t take a lecture from Marie Kondo to know that it needs some serious work.

Bathrooms are more than rooms for busy weekdays. A well-equipped bathroom is an area where, after a long day, you can escape and relax. But if every inch is littered with clutter, then it certainly won’t function as such.

Grab Bars

Accidents at home are most likely to occur in the bathroom. Studies by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have shown that every year more than 230,000 non-fatal bathroom injuries are treated in emergency rooms among those over the age of 15.

Injuries most commonly occur in or near a bath or shower. Women are more likely than men to sustain injuries. Overall, injury levels increase with age, especially when someone slips and falls close to a toilet.

But contrary to what many believe, seniors are not the only people who can benefit from using grab bars in the bathroom. When it comes to falls or accidents in the shower or bath, children are just as likely to slip as seniors.

Improve your bathroom protection with sleek grab bars in various designs and lengths. Look for ADA-compliant grab bars for robust support and easy handling.

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