Bathroom Design Trends of 2020

Whether you’re designing a bathroom for a new house, repairing a bathroom whose fixtures have failed, or remodeling an old or crowded design, there are some very cool things happening with bathroom design in 2020. 

Bathrooms aren’t quite like other rooms in the house, which you might elect to paint yourself and appoint with furniture. A bathroom remodel will usually require a contractor and involve a considerable financial outlay, so it’s a good idea to keep up with what’s happening in the industry so you can bring some ideas to your initial consultation.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends developing in bathroom design this year.



Tiles are always great, but this year has marked a shift to the use of dramatic, large marble panels in the shower or the vanity. Marble isn’t new to bathrooms, but it’s back in a big way. The huge, sweeping dark veins in a bright marble panel draw the eye in a way that tile simply does not. Marble gives us a sense of movement and texture that sits well with the other elements of a modern bathroom.

At Home Forever Baths we offer Kohler’s LuxStone shower wall coverings in a variety of colors and patterns, including marble. LuxStone is made from pulverized marble and other natural fibers. It’s beautiful, durable, easy to clean, and installs much quicker than tile. Call for a free consultation if you’re interested to hear more about LuxStone and our other offerings for the bathroom update of your dreams.


Black Tile

Black tile looks fresh and gives a modern sense of depth to build upon. It pairs well with a marble shower wall or accent wall, and lets metal features like a brass mirror or light fixture really pop out.

If you’re not ready to replace tile, try painting one wall black. It can make a small bathroom feel larger by adding a little depth, and the black-and-white contrast works in mid-century design as well as modern farmhouse and everything between.



The bathroom is no longer a place to rush through in our daily routines, but a spot to relax and take care of ourselves. We’re talking about bringing the spa home so you can enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub and some aromatherapy on a regular basis.

Try a wooden bath mat and a wooden stool next to the tub where you can keep a wood-handled brush and pumice stone. An accent light fixture above the tub enhances your relaxation routine while also setting it off as a focal point. Houseplants are working their way into the bathroom as well: it’s one of the best places for them to get the moisture they need, and hardy plants like golden pothos, snake plants or palms are a perfect way to up the relaxation game while adding oxygen and removing allergens from the air.


Maximalist Vibes

Boring floor tiles are a thing of the past. If you’re redoing your bathroom floor this year, go for a striking abstract or Turkish pattern, florals, or eye-catching colors. Experiment with unusual paint colors or whimsical wallpapers. The bathroom is the place to create a striking visual impact and get out of your design comfort zone. Have fun!


Multiple Bath Options

More and more people are opting for both a hand-held shower head and a rainfall or wall-mount one. You can switch between them or double up for a majorly sensual shower experience.

At Home Forever Baths we offer Kohler accessories including their state-of-the-art shower heads in a number of varieties. Kohler shower heads mix water with air internally, creating bigger drops that translate to warmer temperatures and better rinsing.

Those with enough space are opting to have a shower and separate bathtub. This allows the bathtub to stand free with no shower curtain, so you can do a quick rinse in the shower and linger in the tub for a longer relaxation routine without feeling hemmed in.


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