Bathroom Remodeling for Veterans

Thank you for your service! We care a lot about those who have served in our armed forces because we know where our freedom comes from. That’s why we love to handle bathroom remodeling for veterans. We know how difficult it can be to deal with mobility issues, which is a problem facing many of those who served.  The bath can be especially troublesome for these vets, and can also be dangerous. Fortunately, we have solutions that can help. In this article, we’ll cover potential changes to your bathroom, bathtub replacement, and funding sources.

Removing Obstacles and Increasing Stability

Whether your mobility restriction is service-related or due to other health issues, the bath can be a place where accidents often happen. A simple, free solution to improve the safety and accessibility of your bathroom is to eliminate obstacles. Accessing the toilet, bathtub, shower, or even the room itself can be a hassle, so declutter and remove most, if not all, rugs from your restroom.

Another possible solution is adding safety features.

  • Something as simple as a non-slip bath mat on the tub or shower floor can change it from slippery to safe.
  • The more points you can hold on to when using the toilet, tub or shower, the safer you’ll be. Adding grab bars around these fixtures is a relatively inexpensive fix that pays off big in safety and independence.
  • A shower seat can allow you to do most of your showering in a safe and stable position.
  • Lowering light switches to wheelchair level is another way to improve safety and accessibility in your home. No more stretching to try and reach a switch.

Bathroom Remodeling for Veterans — Replacing Your Shower or Tub

Sometimes minor changes aren’t enough. Updating your bath with Kohler products designed specifically for improved safety and accessibility is the best way to improve your space. One excellent solution to mobility problems is to add a walk-in bath. Walk-in bathtubs provide solutions specifically for those who need extra safety and accessibility. All include safety features, such as a side entry door with a low threshold, grab bars, a seat, and a removable shower head. Most also have therapeutic features, such as heated surfaces and spa-like jets. When it comes to bathroom remodeling for veterans, a walk-in tub solves the most pressing problems and even provides the luxury and comfort you deserve. To learn more, visit our page on walk-in baths.

Funding Your Improvements

You may have the money on hand for these safety improvements, but if not, there are a number of possible solutions.

First, we work with several financial institutions and are glad to offer financing that lets you create a safe and convenient bath on your own terms.

Second, if you have a service related disability, the VA has a number of grant and loan programs designed to help you make your home more accessible. They have an informative fact sheet here and there are more details on the full range of VA grant programs here.

Finally, many private organizations provide grants for bathroom remodeling for veterans and other accessibility projects. This is their way of giving back to those who’ve given a lot for America. You can often find more about these programs through military service organizations such as your local vet services office, the American Legion, VFW, VietNow, etc.

Getting Started

Whatever the need or funding source, the best way to get started on bathroom remodeling for veterans is to get in touch with us. Contact one of our friendly service representatives today by giving us a call, or get more information by filling out our brief online form to request a free, no-obligation estimate.

Whatever mobility issues you have or solutions you’ve found through ideas like these, we at Home Forever Baths want to thank veterans everywhere for serving our country. We are proud to call you our American heroes. 


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