Exploring Kohler’s Walk-in Bath Features

Bathing can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding self-care activities we enjoy, but those with mobility issues or age-related difficulties can have a harder time enjoying a bath or shower. Kohler’s walk-in baths can help restore enjoyment, privacy and luxury to bathing routines for those who otherwise have difficulty with ingress and egress in the bathtub.


Lowest Thresholds and Easy-Reach Handrails

Kohler walk-in baths have the lowest thresholds in the industry. At three-inches, entering and exiting a Kohler walk-in tub is much easier than mounting a stair, and shorter even than many shower pans. Handrails on both sides of the tub allow the user to easily and safely use both arms to assist them in sitting down and standing up, or adjusting position while in the tub.



Kohler walk-in baths feature Kohler’s proprietary BubbleMassage function as well as a whirlpool setting. Each feature has separate controls. The BubbleMassage option has three settings, for “intense,” “moderate,” and “low” air bubble injection. BubbleMassage can be turned off by cycling through the options, or will turn off automatically after 20 minutes.

The whirlpool feature allows for adjustment of the water jets and has a continuously variable intensity control, allowing you to set the pressure as desired. Since BubbleMassage and the whirlpool feature are independently adjustable, you need not use both at the same time, or you can set the intensity differently between the two features, for more air and less water pressure, or vice versa.



While the tub is filled by a traditional tub faucet with separate controls for hot and cold water, a handshower is also within easy reach. A tab on the handshower itself allows selection between three different spray styles. Kohler’s hand showers aerate the water as they spray, creating larger water droplets that contain more air and feel softer and warmer than traditional showerheads. This is just another touch of luxury built into every feature of Kohler’s walk-in tubs.


Back and Neck Heater

No one wants to get into a cold tub and wait for the warm water to fill it! Kohler walk-in tubs feature internal heating elements to prepare the surfaces for dry entry, and to offer an additional heat boost while the tub is full. The control allows for low, medium, and high heat. In addition to making entry much more comfortable, the heater provides an extra element of relaxation and muscle-tension release both before and during bathing, and can run simultaneously with BubbleMassage and whirlpool features.


Automatic Water Purge

Once the tub is drained, an automatic water purge cycle begins. This allows the tub to evacuate the tubing for the water jets and make sure it has the chance to dry out between baths, keeping your tub clean and preventing mold and mildew from having a place to take hold.


Easy Installation with Home Forever Baths

With proven professionalism, Home Forever Baths is the exclusive dealer of Kohler walk-in baths in northern Illinois. Kohler walk-in baths will fit easily into spaces previously occupied by showers or baths, and the expert installers at Home Forever Baths can replace your current shower or tub with a Kohler walk-in bath in one or two days, in most cases.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your current shower or bath to a Kohler walk-in bath, call Home Forever Baths today for a free consultation. We’ll talk through the process with you so you know exactly what to expect. We’ve seen it all before, so there are no surprises when you choose Home Forever Baths. In addition to Kohler’s lifetime guarantee on all fixtures and accessories, Home Forever Baths offers a lifetime guarantee on our installation labor.

Whether you want to simply install a Kohler walk-in bath or complete a more comprehensive remodel of your current bathroom, let Home Forever Baths make your dream bathroom a reality. In addition to our offering of fine Kohler baths, LuxStone shower walls and other high-quality bathroom fixtures and accessories, we can outfit your bathroom with grab bars and other features to make your bathroom routines safe, private, and luxurious.

At Home Forever Baths, we’re committed to providing excellent bathroom remodeling services in northern Illinois. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss how your next bathroom remodel can be your last!

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