Should You Choose a Full Bathroom Remodel or Tub and Shower Replacement?

Even though it’s often the smallest room in your house, updating your bathroom can involve a series of big decisions. You’ll need to consider about timelines,  finances, and how to make the room fit your lifestyle. One of the most important questions: How much of your bathroom should you remodel? Maybe you should choose tub and shower replacement. Or perhaps you need a complete bathroom makeover. Making that decision can be difficult, but we’ve got some advice that can make it easier.

Option 1: Renovate the Entire Bathroom

Sometimes your bathroom can be so outdated or damaged that it needs to be completely redone. What if the room is an unsafe environment for a family member with mobility issues, has a chipped and stained bathtub or shower wall, significant mold growth, and a dozen other bathroom nightmares? Maybe all the fixtures are seventies avocado! If this sounds like your bathroom, you might want to think about updating the entirety of the space. In fact, some home improvement gurus will tell you there are many good reasons a full bathroom remodel should take it down to the studs.

You may be considering a remodel because you need a bigger bathroom. At the risk of being obvious, all or a significant portion of your bath will have to be radically altered, so it’s best to take advantage of the situation and upgrade as much as you can in one go.

However, cost can be a major issue. What if finances are tight? Letting a bad bathroom sit and fester even more is not good for your family’s well-being. In that case, you may eat the elephant one bite at a time. This is where triage comes in as you prioritize the changes that will remove an unsafe condition or prevent long-term damage. Someone with mobility problems could slip and get hurt in a tub that doesn’t have safety features, and mold is not good for the health of anyone who breathes air. It may be wise to consider remodeling the whole bathroom.

Option 2: Tub and Shower Replacement

If the nightmare in the previous section does not sound like the bathroom in your home, consider tub and shower replacement.  Cracks, stains, and chips on your bathtub or shower walls detract from your enjoyment of the space, and an outdated bathroom can lower your home’s overall value. If family members have a hard time getting around, often a relatively minor change to a walk in tub or a shower with a seat and proper grab bars will serve their needs without the need for other changes. 

Tub and shower replacement will cost much less than a full remodel, even though the tub or shower is often the most expensive component in the room. It’s also easier to freshen up other parts of the bathroom. A replacement toilet can be found at a home improvement store for a relatively low cost and is much easier to install than a new tub. New paint, accent pieces, and other decorating touches can be easy to add, and cost little.

Another benefit of this approach is the timeline, especially if you rely on a professional installer. With a replacement bathtub or shower from Kohler, Midwest Bath can get your new fixtures installed in as little as one to two days. A full remodel will almost certainly take weeks, especially if you gut the room first.

If an updated or ugly shower or tub is the main problem, just replace it, and leave the rest of your bathroom in its current beautiful condition.

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