How to Choose the Best Bathroom Wall Tiles

Did you know that American homeowners spend more than $300 billion each year on home renovations? Unfortunately, some of that money ends up buying frustration. With so many options for materials, styles, colors, and design, it can be difficult to create a space that looks welcoming. Sometimes, having too many options means that homeowners attempt too much and then can’t pull the look off. Don’t let that be you! Read on to learn how to choose bathroom wall tiles for your bathroom remodel.

Pick Your Dream Tile First

There are so many amazing and stunning bathroom wall tiles out there that spur your imagination with unique bathroom ideas. But meshing too many designs together will usually result in an ugly (and expensive) bathroom. So, once you find your dream tile, whether it will be an accent tile or a white subway tile, use that as your starting point to get a coordinated bathroom design. And only choose one showstopper tile. This will help you get a wow factor without it competing with other tiles in the room.

No More Than Three Tiles

Your bath is a small space and should adhere to the rule of threes. Any more than three different tiles will make your space look cluttered and haphazard. Stick to one main tile for the walls, one for the flooring and one as a feature or accent tile.

Consider the Material

The type of bathroom wall tiles you choose will make a big difference in the look and feel of your bath. Here are the main types you can choose from:

Ceramic tiles are durable and stain-resistant. They are very easy to clean and installation is simple. They work great in showers and behind sinks.

Glass is a popular choice for bathroom wall tiles. They come in many colors and styles. Because of their reflective surfaces, glass tiles are a good option for smalls baths to make them look larger. However, installing glass tiles is tricky and can result in more expensive labor costs.

Porcelain is very durable material. It is not very absorbent, so it’s a smart choice for the bath. Keep in mind that porcelain tiles are more expensive than ceramic.

Natural Stone
Natural stone can give your bath attractive texture and natural character. That said, it does require more maintenance than the other options. Stone is inherently porous, so it will need to be sealed to keep water, dirt and grime out. If you are set on natural stone, it’s wise to use this anywhere except inside the shower.

If you want to have a super easy-to-clean shower, consider grout-free showers such as LuxStone walls by Kohler.

Next, consider the colors you will use.

Choose The Color of  Your Bathroom Wall Tiles

Once you’ve selected the tile material, you can start to explore the color options. If your house has a clear color theme, you might want to stick to similar hues to make the space a continuous flow. Or, if you have young kids, you might want a bold, primary color to make the space cheerful and kid-friendly. At the end of the day, the colors that you choose has everything to do with your personality.

Decide Between Matte or Gloss

No matter the material, most bathroom wall tiles come in two options: matte or glossy. Some people like to stick to one or the other, while others like to mix it up and do a combination of both. Again, this is more about preference than rules. If you are tiling a small bath, glossy tiles can reflect some light and make the room feel bigger.

Pick a Grout Color

These days, there are almost as many grout colors as there are tile options!

The color you should go for depends on the color tile you choose and the look you want. White grout can make the bathroom look clean and fresh. Light grey, on the other hand, is softer and looks less clinical. If you choose a grout color that contrasts with the tile, your tile pattern will look more complex. If you use very dark grout with a light tile, you will emphasize the shape of your tiles.

Make sure whatever color grout you choose that you buy a mold-resistant variety.

What About Small Bathrooms?

Many people wonder what to do about bathroom wall tiles when working in a small space like a powder room. There are several considerations to keep in mind in order to help you make the space feel larger and brighter. Here are the top things to know:

Use Smaller Tiles
When you are working in a small bath or powder room, choose smaller bathroom wall tiles. Yes, it takes more time and effort to tile a space when you have small tiles, but it will help make your room appear larger.

Choose lighter Colors
A light shade of tile will help a small bath feel brighter and more spacious. Avoid dark tiles except as an accent tile.

Choose White Grout
You might love how a bold grout color looks at the home improvement store with a particular tile. But, bold options can make small bathrooms look cramped and too busy. If you want to play it safe, choose white. In any case, stick to the lightest shade of any hue.

Final Thoughts on Bathroom Wall Tiles

Thanks for reading! We hope this guide on how to choose bathroom wall tiles helps you make the right decision for your bathroom upgrade.
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