Inspiration for a Minimalist Bathroom

For those seeking a home full of calm and order, opting for a minimalist aesthetic can give your  spaces an open, timeless feel. Minimalist style focuses on pared-down designs with an emphasis on neutral tones and natural materials. What are the keys to bringing a minimalist look to your bathroom? 

Here are a few tips to get you inspired -and when you are ready to get started. Our team at Home Forever Baths is here for you!


The Lifechanging Magic of a Minimalist Bathroom

The first step in a minimalist bathroom is, unsurprisingly, decluttering your space. If you are the person who has a drawer full of shampoo and product samplers, cases of toiletries and baskets of accessories, now is the time to pare down your bathroom experience to a few things you truly need. Commit to the products you absolutely need in your daily routine and donate or dispose of the rest. When possible, switch to refillable, reusable and sustainably produced items to reduce packaging waste.


Attention to Detail

When less is more, all the details of your space will be on display. Pay attention to your bathroom’s hardware and find streamlined knobs, faucets and handles that coordinate and emphasize functionality. Instead of the typical stainless steel finish, opt for warmer finishes- like matte gold or slate black which can create a sophisticated, understated feeling to the design.


Reduce Your Storage Space

When it comes to bathroom cabinets and shelving, don’t think about how to fill the space, instead, strategize the simplest way to meet your needs. Reduce your drawers and cabinets to just what will comfortably hold your toiletries, toilet paper and linens. 

When making furniture and storage choices, opt for well-made timeless designs with direct lines and clear functionality. Minimize design flourishes and look for simple, appealing options. Natural materials like wood, deliver warmth and color while preserving minimalism’s neutrality and serenity.


Bring Style with Tile

Many bathrooms incorporate ceramic, concrete or stone tile for its durability and water resistance. While tile designs can be flamboyantly maximalist, a minimal approach can be just as striking. The geometry of classic white ceramic hexagon floor tiling adds visual texture to a room without compromising simplicity.  Brick-shaped white subway tiles offer a less busy tile with a similar vintage feel. Find the beauty in simplicity by choosing pleasing shapes and textures while restraining yourself to a neutral palette.


Basin Shapes

Minimalist design is thriving right now, and bathroom fixture design is changing to keep up with the trend. Contemporary silhouettes for sinks and tubs feature a number of satisfyingly simple basin shapes. From freestanding tubs to console-style sinks, smooth basin shapes have a luxurious look and feel without decadence. The elegant contours make these options perfect choices for minimalist aficionados. 


Living Decor

Stay away from bathroom decor that can easily become clutter, like infusers, decorative baskets and wall art. Instead of objects, decorate with plants which bring life into a room, naturally purify air and add a natural burst of color. Many house plant varieties thrive in bathroom environments where there is plenty of moisture in the air. Don’t go overboard, but a few plants can be a wonderful touch in your minimalist space, and carry a different energy than inanimate objects.


Clear Glass for Clarity

For smaller spaces, a glass-walled shower may be just the thing to create a sense of open space in a minimalist bathroom. Glass walled showers are a stylish way to let light travel through the room and eliminate shower spaces that feel too enclosed or restricted. 


Home Forever Baths

When it’s time to update your bathroom, Home Forever Baths is here to help you get a look you’ll love. Whether you are a spartan minimalist, a committed maximalist or anywhere in-between, Home Forever Baths offers complete bath and shower installation for Northern Illinois. 

We specialize in walk-in bathtubs that bring safety and accessibility to any bathroom space. We feature a full selection of innovative Kohler products that combine quality and style for a bathroom design that will last for years, from Luxstone walls to modern showers to innovative faucets. Safety and integrity are our core to our business, where you’ll get top-of-the-line installation at a price you can afford. 

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