Introducing Kohler’s App-Controlled Bathtub

Home Forever Baths is proud to be northern Illinois’ premier Kohler partner, and we are excited to offer all of Kohler’s beautiful and high-quality bathroom fixtures and accessories along with our expert remodeling services. Kohler has unveiled plans to release some exciting new bathroom products that bring your home bathroom closer than ever before to offering a true spa-like experience, utilizing smart tech to make using their new products as easy as saying it out loud!


Ground-Breaking Kohler Products Coming in 2022

Kohler Konnect products are a new line of bathroom fixtures ranging from tubs to toilets, and while Kohler is keeping the mystery alive in the early stages of unveiling them, we know enough to be pretty excited about what’s coming in 2022.


Stillness Bath

Perhaps most exciting is the “Stillness Bath.” The tub incorporates essential oils and uses lights and even a fog generator to create the most transportive experience we’ve ever seen available in a bathtub designed for a private residence. Rather than having faucets or controls visible on any surface of the tub, all functions will be controlled with an app available for smartphones and tablets. This allows the nuts & bolts to be hidden out of view so the user can focus on serenity, rejuvenation, peace and relaxation.


Infinity Experience Option

While the Stillness Bath base model is expected to retail at $6,198.00, the premium “Infinity Experience” option goes for nearly $16,000 and offers the premium level of quality and experience. Styled after an infinity pool, the Infinity Experience fills from the bottom of the tub all the way to the top edge, and has a wooden moat surrounding it to recover the water that overflows while you’re in it. This is truly a next-level, space-age tub that is as visually striking as it is enjoyable to use.



Another exciting piece of tech in the new Kohler line is the “PerfectFill” bath feature. PerfectFill includes a voice assistant that lets you control the fill level, heating, and draining by simply speaking to the tub. No gadgetry required! Kohler has not yet indicated whether PerfectFill and Stillness Bath will both be available in the same package.

These products are expected to be available by early 2022. Whether you’re planning a bathroom remodel for next year or earlier than that, it’s always a good idea to start the planning stage as early as possible. Flipping through magazines and online articles is important, and it doesn’t hurt to have professional assistance on the early side, either.


Home Forever Baths and Kohler

Contact Home Forever Baths today to start the conversation about your new bathroom. Consultations are free and we’re standing by to take your call whenever you’re ready. Our friendly, expert installers have hundreds of years of combined experience in the business, and in many cases we can perform fixture replacement projects and even complete remodels in one or two days!

Whether you’re going for all-new fixtures or just replacing one or two, we’re ready to talk about your needs. We offer Kohler’s incredible LuxStone shower wall material, which is more durable than tile while at the same time being easier to install. We’re here to talk about options whenever you’re ready.

Many clients have had us install their Kohler Walk-In Baths, which can easily replace a shower and provide decades of easy-access bathing to those with limited mobility. Kohler Walk-In Baths feature the lowest thresholds in the industry and all the amenities to make your bathing experience better than ever before. Call for a free consultation about Kohler Walk-In Baths and the other long-lasting, visually appealing products from Kohler that Home Forever Baths offers to northern Illinois.


Plan Your Bathroom Remodel with Home Forever Baths

Whether you want to get an early start on planning for the installation of a Stillness Bath or PerfectFill fixture, or want to see what other fine Kohler options are available today, call Home Forever Baths. 

The consultation is free and we are happy to discuss your bathroom remodeling plans and offer assistance in any way we can. Whether you’re performing a DIY remodel and just need some help with the heavy lifting, or if you want to plan your remodel with us and have us perform all the labor, we’re here to work with you to make sure you’re pleased with your new bathroom for decades to come. It’s our goal to make sure your next bathroom remodel is the last one you’ll need!

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