Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth It? Getting a Great ROI for a Bathroom Remodel

Can remodeling your bathroom lead to a solid return on investment (ROI) that boosts the value of your home? It may not always feel like it, but the answer is yes! A bath remodel seems like a lot of work, but that all depends on how much of your bathroom you plan to remodel. In the end, even if you have a completely different bathroom, a great ROI for a bathroom remodel is a matter of making the right choices. But in order to make these wise decisions, going over the pros and cons of remodeling your bathroom is a good place to start before making any decisions. 

Obstacles to a Great ROI for a Bathroom Remodel

The two main downsides of  remodeling a bath are cost and the amount of time and effort it all takes.

First, let’s start with cost. If you are not prepared for how much it will cost in the end, your wallet may take a large blow, especially if you didn’t do your research on the best company and deals before starting the project. Any type of home remodel is costly, but a bathroom remodel often involves piping and fixtures that can be even more expensive. However, there are companies, such as Home Forever Baths, that offer not only great deals, but also financial services to help those out who may be concerned with payment. It’s also important to choose quality fixtures even if they seem pricey, because they will be built to last for years to come and you won’t be repeating your investment in just a few years. 

Time and effort are also large factors when it comes to deciding whether or not to upgrade your bathroom. It takes time to decide what in your bathroom you want remodeled, and deciding on the method of how to change aspects also costs time. Once you do decide what and how to remodel, that’s when the process of actually creating a new bath begins. But with the help of a company like Home Forever Baths, you won’t have to do it alone, nor will it take forever to accomplish! You’ll have a dedicated designer to help you make decisions that match your budget and needs, and Home Forever Baths can get any Kohler product that you order installed into your home in as little as one day.

Factors That Make a Great ROI for a Bathroom Remodel More Likely

There are many benefits to remodeling your bathroom. One is that you will have an upgraded, modern-looking bathroom as the finished product. Living with a dingy, outdated bathroom that you no longer love can be frustrating. Whether it’s the bath or shower that needs to be replaced, a shower door, or even a bath surround, you need something new to spruce up the look of your bathroom, and Home Forever Baths can help. We carry many different products from Kohler in various styles, colors, sizes, and patterns that you can customize and that we can install into your home in as little as one day. By the end of the process, you’ll have a bathroom that looks new, and it will be one that you’ll love again. 

Another pro is that you can reap the benefits of updating that space in the future. Statistics show that a bathroom renovation will return about 60% of the investment that you put in. Remodeling your bathroom can be a great financial move, especially if you’re planning on selling your house sometime in the near future. Homebuyers love rooms that look brand new, and this will increase the value of your house overall, helping you get more money in your pocket. 

Ready to Explore the Possibilities?

Getting a great ROI for a bathroom remodel depends on the partner you choose. To learn more about updating your bathroom with a Kohler product from Home Forever Baths, contact one of our friendly service representatives today by giving us a call at 866-816-0065, or get more information by filling out our brief online form to request a free, no-obligation estimate.

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