Three Signs It’s Time to Update Your Bathtub

Your bathtub may be essential to your home life, but sometimes it can cause more stress than relief. If it’s outdated or causing you a hassle, why not update it? Here are three signs that it’s time to update your bathtub.


1. Your Bathtub Is Not Being Used

Perhaps your kids have grown up and moved out, or maybe you no longer like taking a bath—or no longer have time, using only the showerhead. Whatever the reason may be, if your bathtub is not being used, it’s wasted space. If you’re wanting a shower in place of your unused tub, look no further than Home Forever Baths. A shower can update the entirety of your bathroom (and potentially open up more space), causing it to look more modern, and our Kohler tub-to-shower conversions can be customized to fit your style perfectly. 


2. It Has Stains, Cracks, and Chips

An ugly bathtub, that won’t look better no matter how hard you scrub it, is an outdated hassle. Bathtubs can develop cracks, chips, and stains from daily wear and tear, whether it’s from you, your kids, a pet, or even cleaning chemicals. Eventually, it can turn into more of an eyesore than your tub. If this reminds you of your own bathtub situation, it’s definitely time to update it. At Home Forever Baths, you can customize a new Kohler bathtub to fit the style of your bathroom. And they are built with extremely durable materials that last for years to come, so you won’t have to worry about chips anymore. 


3. You Need a Safer, More Accessible Bathtub

Has your standard bathtub become a safety hazard for you? Do you now have mobility issues that make it difficult to use your tub? If so, it may be time to replace your standard bathtub with a walk-in bath. Walk-in bathtubs have a multitude of safety features perfect for people who want to have the safest bathroom experience possible. And with a Kohler walk-in bath, you’ll experience the following advantages:

  • A 3-inch entry threshold, which is one of the lowest of any walk-in bathtubs around, giving you access to enter and exit safely.
  • A high-quality self-sealing door to guarantee no leaks.
  • Built-in handrails and grab bars that allow for better support when standing or sitting and will help to eliminate slips and falls.


To learn more about updating your bathtub with a Kohler product from Home Forever Baths, contact one of our friendly service representatives today by giving us a call, or get more information by filling out our brief online form to request a free, no-obligation estimate.


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