Three Things To Consider When Modernizing Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom look and feel a little drab? If so, it may be time to change up the style of your bathroom. Replacing your entire bathroom can be a daunting and expensive process, but you don’t necessarily have to change every detail. A few simple modifications will usually do the trick. 


A New Shower or Bathtub May Be Just the Right Fix

Perhaps your bathtub or shower is the only thing holding your bathroom back. Maybe the fresh coat of paint on the walls and that new framed mirror above the sink don’t look as nice because there are chips, cracks, and stains in your shower or bathtub. Or the problem could be that you don’t use that old bathtub in your bathroom anymore, and you want to replace it with a shower. Whatever the problem may be, cleaning more and scrubbing harder won’t fix it. Luckily, Kohler, with the help of Home Forever Baths, has the perfect shower or bathtub to modernize your bathroom. Not only will you be able to choose the style and color that you want, but the professional technicians at Home Forever Baths can install your new Kohler product in as little as one to two days. Then you can say “Goodbye” to dreary and “Hello” to luxury! 


Choosing White Is Always Right

Some styles may feel modern for the time, but as the years go by they can quickly feel outdated. Bold colors sometimes fall into this category; however, white will always be timeless. An entirely white bathroom could feel overwhelming, but adding several white pieces will make it feel modern for years to come. A white shower or bathtub is always a safe bet. Because it’s the main piece in your bathroom, not only will the white draw your eye to it, but it will also balance out the other colors of the bathroom. A white sink and white toilet are good choices, too. Houses with bathroom sinks and toilets that are green or yellow look dated. But a white toilet will look sleek and modern, plus your white toothpaste won’t make a noticeable stain in a white sink. 


So, where will the color come from? Let’s take a look in our last step.


Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessorize. 

This is the simplest way to modernize your bathroom. Perhaps you use old towels in your bathroom that don’t coordinate with other colors. Simply buy some new towels that will match your bathroom, make sure they’re folded nicely and placed neatly in the proper place, and suddenly your bathroom looks brand new. Another helpful tip is to add organizers. If you have a lot of items in your bathroom, adding something to organize them all will really help the overall appearance of the room. If your bathroom needs an extra something or a pop of color, putting a vase with colorful flowers on the counter will spice up the look of your bathroom, too. However, sometimes a bathroom needs some big accessories to modernize it. Whether it be a new Kohler shower door, shower enclosure, bath surround, faucet, or shower head, Home Forever Baths has whatever accessory your bathroom needs to feel brand new. 


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