Tips for DIY Bathroom Design

Jennifer Gizzi is a power DIY’er by anybody’s standards. She runs the home improvement Instagram account, Making Pretty Spaces, where she demonstrates her skills at reimagining the spaces in her home with a limited budget and timeframe. She spoke to the team at Kohler recently about working on her guest bathroom and presented some pretty useful ideas.


A Simple Cosmetic Remodel

Jennifer wanted to reimagine her guest bathroom without having to “go behind the wall,” and it came down to a few simple changes that made a huge difference. As she puts it, “A new coat of paint is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform a room.” It also gives you the opportunity to create the background for an overall color scheme, which can apply to any appliances and fixtures you add to the picture.


Key Kohler Accessories

Installing a new Kohler toilet and showerhead, she notes, “wasn’t as hard as people might think.” While she kept her existing shower, replacing her old showerhead with the Kohler Hydrorail shower kit allowed her to significantly upgrade her guests’ shower experience without having to replace the whole shower. While she says the toilet project was simpler than those new to home improvement projects might imagine, it’s important to enlist help with maneuvering the toilet into place.


A Clever Approach to the Floor

Demonstrating her resourcefulness and imagination, Jennifer actually painted her bathroom tiles with a three-tone pattern. On top of a white base coat, she marked out a pattern with painter’s tape and added several coats of taupe and grey to create a bright, fetching new floorscape.

While Jennifer’s remodel shows what a big difference a cosmetic remodel can make in a bathroom, some projects might require more invasive construction. Prefabricated showers rarely stand the test of time, and a new shower featuring a Kohler shower pan and Kohler’s LuxStone shower wall material will be a significant upgrade that will last longer than tile and take less time and money to install.


Home Forever Baths Can Help

While some of us may enjoy the DIY approach to home improvement, many of us are less inclined or simply don’t have the time. Some of us may be handy with a paint brush but less confident in our ability to replace a shower stall or vanity. To whatever degree you want professional help, Home Forever Baths offers professional bathroom remodeling services in Northern Illinois featuring beautiful and high-quality Kohler features and accessories. Our skilled installers have over 100 years of combined experience, and our labor, as well as Kohler’s products, are backed by a lifetime guarantee.


More About LuxStone

Kohler’s LuxStone shower wall material is an innovative product combining incredible durability with uncommon ease of installation. Cosmetic choices range from stone to tile, and can easily be mixed and matched if you choose. Maybe you’d like a stone shower wall but a tile backsplash behind the sink: it’s a snap with LuxStone!

LuxStone is made from a combination of pulverized marble and natural fiber strands. It’s more durable than tile while being easier to clean, and it’s backed by a lifetime limited warranty. The innovative seams are visually inconspicuous and impervious to water, so you won’t need to worry about hidden water damage in your walls.


Kohler Walk-In Baths

At three inches, Kohler walk-in baths have the lowest threshold in the industry. The extra-wide door also contributes to making entry and exit an easy and safe process for those with limited mobility. Heated surfaces ensure that you’re comfortable while the tub fills, and Kohler’s walk-in baths have some of the fastest fill & drain times on the market. With integrated grab bars, an easy-to-reach handshower, and hydrotherapy jets, a bath has never felt so good!

Kohler walk-in baths can be installed in your existing tub or shower enclave in one day. If you’ve been thinking about transitioning to a walk-in bath, there’s never been an easier, faster way to get a walk-in bath that will stand the test of time.

Whether you’re looking for some assistance with the heavy lifting or you’d like us to handle an entire remodel, contact Home Forever Baths for a free consultation today! In most cases, the entire remodel can be accomplished in a day or two, but every one will last a lifetime, guaranteed.

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