Tips for Planning Your Bathroom Layout

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one, there are a few things to keep in mind for creating a successful layout that will provide you with a functional space for decades to come.

If Your Current Layout Works, Keep It!

Rearranging the layout of fixtures can add significant costs to a remodel, and in some cases can create issues with plumbing that could cause problems down the line. If your current layout is working, don’t switch everything around just for fun. That said, if you’ve noticed some issues with your current bathroom and you know it could work better for you with a little reorganization, go for it! Just make sure the added expense of plumbing and rebuilding walls and floors is within your budget.

Think About Who Will Use It and How

Consider the day-to-day needs you’ll encounter with the bathroom in question. Is this a master bathroom that two adults will need to share during the morning rush? Is it a guest bathroom? Will small children be using it? Will you wash a pet in the tub? These considerations will help inform whether it gets a tub, shower or both, whether the toilet is visually cloistered from the rest of the room, whether it has a vanity with lots of storage space and how many sinks are in it.

If you’ll be using it for your own routines, think about how you use your current bathroom and whether it could be improved. Maybe your current tub is uncomfortably small or you could benefit from jacuzzi jets. Do you need more lighting? Your bathroom should fit your routine, not the other way around, so consider carefully how you’ll want your new bathroom to work for you.

Switching Out Fixtures

While it’s important for resale value for a home to have at least one bathtub, if you have two and you’re not using one of them, you could consider replacing one with a shower. This is an easy modification that usually doesn’t require a lot of plumbing rerouting and can make your bathroom feel a lot larger.

Alternatively, if you or someone else in the home is having a difficult time getting in and out of the tub, consider installing a Kohler walk-in bath. Kohler walk-ins have the lowest thresholds in the industry, and are built to last with high quality and all of your needs considered, including heating for the surfaces so you’ll be comfortable while the tub fills.

The pros at Home Forever Baths can install a new shower or walk-in bath in one or two days, and we’re the premier dealer of fine Kohler fixtures and accessories in Northern Illinois.

How Much Storage Will You Need?

We forget this all too often, but every bathroom needs space for supplies and tools. Will multiple people be using the shower? You might want to build in a little extra space for those people’s bathing products and washcloths, lufas and scrub brushes. Do you like to buy toilet paper in bulk? Create some space for it! How many clean towels do you like to keep on hand? They’ll need a shelf or two.

Maybe it’s worth having a smaller shower with a storage closet next to it, or maybe a larger vanity mirror with a recessed medicine cabinet is in order. There are lots of places to sneak some extra storage into a new bathroom, but remember to plan accordingly.

Popular Layouts

Once you’ve thought about what you’ll need from your bathroom, you can choose a layout.

Three-Quarter Bath

A three-quarter bath layout incorporates a toilet, sink and shower, and keeps all the plumbing on one wall. This is a very functional and cost effective layout that works well for a bathroom that will mostly be used by one person, or as a guest bathroom.

Full Bath

This layout works well for spaces that might be used by kids and adults alike, usually incorporating a tub/shower combination. The tub’s end wall and an inward-opening door can help keep the toilet separate from the rest of the space, and there’s often enough space left to incorporate a large vanity for storage, even with two sinks for multiple routines to happen at once.

Master Bath

Usually incorporating a toilet, shower, and perhaps more than one sink, a master bath can be sharable and comfortable at the same time, without using a lot of floor space.

Home Forever Baths

Whatever layout you’re leaning toward, give the professionals at Home Forever Baths a call today. Consultations are free, and we are standing by to help you choose the right plan for your new bathroom. We are the dealer for fine Kohler fixtures and accessories in Northern Illinois, and our professional installers have over 100 years of combined experience to make sure your remodel goes smoothly and according to plan.

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