Style That Lasts—Keeping with Trends in Bathroom Design

When you decide to update your bathroom, you want it to look great for years. Keeping it trendy will in turn help the rest of your house look modern, and help preserve its resale value. Here are a few tips on how to keep up with trends in bathroom design.

Keep Long-Term Use in Mind

The focal point of any room should last—and be fashionable—as long as you want it there. Deciding on an item that will survive and look brand new every day is something to keep in mind when updating your bath. If you choose to replace your shower, bathtub, or shower door, be sure that it will withstand daily wear and tear. You don’t want your new bathtub to quickly start chipping, and it’s a hassle to clean your shower door from water marks every weekend. The Kohler products we install all have highly durable finishes that stand up to frequent use and cleaning, and some models repel common bath soils, such as soap scum.

Choose Colors Carefully

Some styles may feel modern for the time, but as the years go by they can quickly feel outdated. Bold colors or patterns sometimes fall into this category. Sinks and toilets that are green or yellow look particularly dated. 

Bright or rich colors can make a bold statement, but you still can’t go wrong with a bright white for fixtures. The look is timeless, and depending on their design, white fixtures tend to look either classic or sleek and ultramodern. One approach that works well is to balance out a bold color on walls, tiles or shower wall with white fixtures and accessories.

Want to have it both ways? A bold wall color or tile floor with a white shower or bathtub is especially attractive. Because it’s the main piece in your bath, the white draws the eye to it, but it will also balance out the other colors in the room. The secret of staying with trends in bathroom design is to choose a look that’s simple and proven instead of chasing what’s “current.”

Tasteful Accessories Never Hurt

This is the simplest way to keep up with trends in bathroom design, and a great way to inject your personality into the room. Simply buy some new towels that will match your color scheme, make sure they’re folded nicely and placed neatly in the proper place, and suddenly the room looks brand new. If your bathroom needs an extra something or a pop of color, putting a vase with colorful flowers on the counter will spice up the look of your bathroom, too. Or, you might choose a colorful piece of art, or shelving with an eclectic collection of pottery. The possibilities are endless, and you should choose what reflects your own style, and works with the overall color scheme.

However, sometimes a bathroom needs some big accessories to make sure it’s up-to-date. Whether it be a new Kohler shower door, shower enclosure, bath surround, faucet, or shower head, Home Forever Baths has whatever accessory your bathroom needs to feel brand new. 

Want Help Keeping with Trends in Bathroom Design?

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