What to Expect with a Shower Replacement

Over the past decades, there have been some pretty exciting developments in bathroom design. If your bathroom was designed in the previous millennium, you might be shocked at what can be done to enhance its beauty, sense of space, and functionality.

 At Home Forever Baths, we offer the spectacular line of hardware and fixtures from Kohler, one of the top names in the industry. A shower replacement is a great opportunity to think about the space around the shower, so let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind when you’re planning your new shower installation, and what you can expect from Home Forever Baths along the way.



Demo is part of every project, and some careful demolition can set you up for success with a new shower installation. Some people like to demo themselves and save the complicated work of installation for the professionals, which is one way to save a little money on your project, though it certainly isn’t for everyone.


Getting Some Extra Space

Many older showers are designed with totally flat walls with the possible exception of a soap dish tile or inset. These days, most of us incorporate a little more into our shower routines than just a bar of soap, and if the bathroom is in use by multiple people you might have a vast collection of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, scrubbers, herbal oils, and more. Most of us accommodate these products with additional carriers hanging off the plumbing, plastic suction cups or other “temporary” solutions.

A shower niche, bench, or both are great options for creating more integrated storage space in your shower. Sometimes this space can be created behind the current wall by scavenging a little space out of an attic or some other adjacent space. A niche can make your bathroom feel a lot more spacious, and since bathrooms are most often the smallest rooms in the house it might be worth taking a little space away from a bedroom or office. On the plus side, you might be able to create some shelving or other useful or interesting features on the other side of the shower wall.


Shower Options

At Home Forever Baths we can install prefabricated showers or build a custom shower into the room. Kohler’s prefabricated showers are great options, as is their LuxStone shower wall material.

If you’re going custom, there are two main options to think about: curb or curb-less. A curb design incorporates a barrier to water exiting the shower area, whereas a curb-less design relies solely on a slope built into the floor to direct water to the shower drain. The curb design does a better job at keeping water inside the shower, while the curb-less design can make a bathroom feel significantly larger and more open.



Many showers and shower/tub combos were installed without surrounding waterproof materials, or with tile or some other waterproofing extending only partially up the surrounding walls. Consider whether you want to maintain this scheme, which is less expensive, or go for floor-to-ceiling coverage, which can protect better and be much more visually appealing.


Kohler’s LuxStone Shower Walls

At Home Forever Baths we offer Kohler’s LuxStone shower wall material, which is tougher than tile while at the same time being easier to install and clean. LuxStone is available in a variety of colors and styles and can create a striking feature by running floor-to-ceiling, mixing and matching between the shower walls and the niche, or other combinations.

LuxStone is made from non-porous crushed stone, so it won’t scratch like vinyl or acrylic. It is also anti-microbial, so it fights mold and mildew at the same time as it provides fewer places for them to grow!


Free Consultations

At Home Forever Baths, we offer free consultations. Our professionals with over 100 years of combined installation experience will install long-lasting Kohler features, so we know you’ll be living for a long time with the decisions you make during your shower replacement. We want to make sure you get the up-front consideration you need with no hassle, so you can be happy with the outcome for many, many years.


Warrantied Labor and Materials

We’re confident in the quality of our work, so we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our shower replacements. If the materials fail or there’s a problem with our work, we will fix the issue at no charge. 

Call us today to set up a free consultation to see what we can do to make your next shower replacement your last!

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