When to Replace Your Walk-In Bath

If you’ve been having difficulty getting in and out of the tub or moving from a sitting position to being upright again when your bath is done, maybe you’ve considered a walk-in tub. These can be a great option for those with mobility issues, whatever the cause may be, and they might mean the difference between being able to bathe independently and needing assistance. If you’re considering replacing your tub, look no further than a new Kohler walk-in tub.

Home Forever Baths is the exclusive dealer of Kohler walk-in tubs in northern Illinois, with over 100 years of combined installation experience. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why a Kohler walk-in bathtub replacement might be a good option for you or someone you love.

No More Bathtub Sides

Stepping over the edge of the bathtub can be difficult for those who have trouble with balance or leg strength. Grab bars can help, but are sometimes not enough. Walk-in tubs are designed with a swinging door that can open while the tub is not full of water. Those who might not be able to step over the edge of a traditional tub can enter and exit with ease, without having to worry about falling down or needing assistance. Kohler walk-in tubs feature a 3” threshold, the lowest in the industry. A sensor prevents the door from opening when there’s water inside, so you don’t need to worry about opening the door and emptying the whole tub onto the floor.

No More Standing From a Fully-Seated Position

Kohler walk-in baths feature a seat that can be occupied immediately on entering the tub, so you don’t need to worry about uprighting yourself from a fully seated position at the end of your bath, or utilizing a bath chair that prevents you from submerging yourself in the water. The seating position in a walk-in tub is about the same as a chair at the dinner table. You can relax and surf the internet on your phone or tablet while you soak!

Heated Seats and Jets

No one wants to sit in a cold tub while they wait for it to fill with hot water! Kohler walk-in tubs feature a heated seat so you’re comfortable from the moment you enter, even while you wait for the water level to rise.

Hydrotherapy jets, like you find in a hot tub, help massage your muscles and make your time in your walk-in tub as relaxing as a day at the spa. The jets can be set to different levels of intensity to match your preference; maybe you’ll start low, then turn them up for a deeper massage, then enjoy a cool-down period with more low pressure. It’s up to you, as the controls are situated right next to you while you occupy the tub. Kohler walk-in tubs also feature an exclusive system called “BubbleMassage,” making the whole experience even more soothing.

Accessorizing with a removable shower head or “water pik” can also help you clean those hard-to-reach places with ease, without having to risk injury by twisting and turning in the tub.

Easy Installation

Walk-in tubs fit in the same alcove spaces as traditional bathtubs, so you won’t need to worry about having to rebuild a section of your bathroom or doing a complete remodel if you don’t need one. Kohler walk-in tubs can be installed in one or two days in most cases, and at Home Forever Baths we offer free consultations so there won’t be any surprises once your installation begins.

 If you do need a bathroom remodel, Home Forever Baths offers fine Kohler products of all types, including their exclusive LuxStone shower wall surface, which is tougher than tile but installs as easily as acrylic, while offering a dizzying array of style options.

Kohler Quality

Kohler makes some of the best bath products on the market, and their walk-in tubs are no exception. You’ll get the best the industry has to offer, installed in a matter of one or two days, and backed by a lifetime limited warranty on both materials and labor. 

Home Forever Baths is an authorized dealer of fine Kohler bath products with over 100 years of combined experience in installation. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how we can install your new Kohler walk-in tub with minimal expense and no hassles.

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