Why Your Bathroom is Your Most Important Room

Surveys indicate that the kitchen is the “favorite” room in the house. Most families find themselves gathered in the kitchen, snacking and chatting while preparing meals. But if the kitchen is the favorite room, the bathroom may be the most important room in the house.

Why Is the Bathroom the Most Important Room?

We tend to take the bathroom for granted, but that’s only because we’re so focused on ourselves while we’re there. The bathroom is the stage for some of our most important rituals and a kind of meditation. We might not think about it, but there are significant reasons our bathrooms are our most important rooms.

Bookends the Day

The bathroom is usually the first place we head when we get out of bed in the morning, and the last place we go before getting back in at night. Our morning and evening rituals help us gear up for our days and wind down for our nights, so we want the features of our bathroom to be well in reach and easy to use so we can prepare ourselves without any frustration.


We love to sing and rehearse our presentations under a soothing stream of hot water in the shower. We love to relax in a warm bath and let our thoughts surround us. Many famous writers and other creatives have claimed that some of their best ideas come to them while they’re seated on the toilet.

Whatever your rituals may be, a functional bathroom will allow you to enjoy them without frustrating you with a clunky layout, bad lighting or broken fixtures so you can focus on preparing yourself for your day, or for a restful night’s sleep. Our times in the bathroom may be brief, but they can either recharge us or drain us.

Sets the Tone for the Home

The aesthetics of your bathroom really set the stage for the decorative choices you’ve made throughout the rest of your home. Accents like matching towels, candles and artwork will be noticed by houseguests and, whether they realize it or not, inform how they interpret the rest of your house. Because we spend our time in the bathroom alone, we’re more likely to focus on the decorative choices there than when we’re conversing with someone in another space.

Safe Space

The bathroom is the one place everyone knows not to enter while occupied. It’s where we grab our moments of solitude and truly focus only on ourselves for a moment. It’s always an opportunity to collect ourselves and recharge.

Why You Should Remodel

People choose to remodel their bathrooms for a number of reasons. Sometimes some new accessories like faucets and showerheads are enough to make the bathroom more usable and feel more like home. Other times, rusty accessories, leaky pipes, broken tiles or water damage might indicate that a deeper overhaul is necessary to get the most out of the space.

Sometimes when a house has two tubs, replacing one of them with a walk-in shower will open up that bathroom and allow it to feel much more spacious and welcoming. Other times, a bathroom may have been ill-planned and resulted in a cramped-feeling space that could be much more usable by moving fixtures around, or replacing a huge vanity with a smaller one.

Sometimes we might wish to replace a tub or shower with a walk-in bath for easier access if circumstances make it difficult for us to get in and out of a conventional tub.

Whatever your reason for remodeling may be, you’ll know it when you see it: It’s all about making your bathroom work for you and your rituals. If you feel bad when you enter your bathroom, or even worse if you find yourself dreading your morning or nightly routines because of the way your bathroom makes you feel, it’s definitely time for a remodel.

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